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Further work from ‘TheUnseen’…

Edition 01 – 04

A collaboration with genius and daring friend Ryan Hopkinson

Valediction depicts the burning of a sculpture made entirely from the skeletons of leaves, hand painted in Thermochromic, Heat tracking Pigments to appear blue.

The sculpture, once ignited, acts as a mapping tool of its own destruction. The thermochromatic treatment allows the viewer to witness patterns of heat flux in real time as the leaves combust and the flames propagate.

With a starting height of 8ft the sculpture is reduced to nothing within ten seconds leaving only ash and a limited number of high resolution photographs as physical proof of it’s existence.

On first glance aesthetic beauty conceals the technology, while the true nature of the sculpture is exposed through destruction by flame. Data is made available and witnessed in real-time, illustrating a new platform for physical visualisation.

THE UNSEEN develops wind reactive ink that changes color upon contact with air
all images courtesy THE UNSEEN


THE UNSEEN develops wind reactive ink that changes colour upon contact with air.

Looking at trend reports on WGSN. Researching embedding, depth, texture, details and innovation. All things that I want to consider within my next collection.

Looking at the cross sections of golf balls. Revealing hidden identities that are beyond the surface view. Also there is embedded technologies hidden deep within them This is a similar idea that I would like to protay within my next project.

James Friedman

Exploring different forms of textiles. These are sheets of cubed concrete yet look so delicate and fall so gently.


considering depth within a textile, elegance and intricacy. Works by Christian Zander

Work by Andreia Gil. 

Inspiring to consider the idea of layers, density of print and pattern within a fabric. subtly and boldness of a fabric. All things that I need to consider when I build my own collection.